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Improved sleep Increased flexibility Decreased effects of stress
Improved circulation ncreased mental awareness Decreased pain
Improved respiration Increased physical awareness Decreased effects of chronic conditions
Improved digestion Increased stress tolerance    

The Shiatsu therapist's work on the body does more than just correct the physical condition of the patient’s body it also has a profound and lasting effect on the patient’s psychological well-being. Touch is essential to humans, the kind of bonds that we form rely heavily on various and specific kinds of touch.

The kind of touch being experienced tells us how the person feels about us, and also how they feel about themselves. This is very important to the work of the shiatsu therapist, because with our touch we express a kind of non-judgmental, parental-like compassion. This is most essential to the effectiveness of a treatment because this kind of compassion, firstly, is not a daily experience for many people in this age; secondly and most vitally, gives us the advantage of being able to relax not only the patient’s body and mind, but also the very energy that flows through them. This allows for the kind of pliability need by the shiatsu therapist to restore harmony to health and creates a kind of trust between therapist and patient which will inevitably transfer to the patient’s way of thinking about their state of health and its improvement.

They will begin to believe on a deep subconscious level that they can be healthy and keep it that way. Indirectly the patient’s entire body, that is to say all of its systems from digestive, respiratory, nervous, lymphatic, and endocrine, to reproductive, articular, circulatory, urinary, and integumentary, will improve.

This is the benefit of shiatsu’s effectiveness. Shiatsu promotes balance, and restores the natural position of the internal organs, and aids in the speed and success of healing injury and/or illness. When people are sick or stressed due to minor injury, strain or lifestyle; shiatsu enables them to find relief, and they will also gain an added awareness of their health and its maintenance, which will help to prevent the recurrence of injury or illness in the future.


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