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We have specialized experience in treating:

  • Anxiety, depression and other mood disorders.
  • Eating disorders
  • Learning disabilities
  • The effects of abuse and stress

Shiatsu is an effective alternative treatment for a wide range of probelms including:

All manor of headaches ie. Migraine, Tension, Sinus
Allergies Dizziness Metabolic imbalances
Alzheimer’s Edema MS
Anemia Epilepsy Parkinson’s
Arthritis Fibromyalgia Plantar Faciaitis
Asthma Frozen shoulder Pregancy
Back Pain Gout PTSD
Bladder infection Hepatitis Rheumatism
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Heel Spurs  Sciatica
Chronic Bronchitis Hypertension  Shoulder pain
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Hypotension Sleep disorders
Chronic Pain Impotence Sprains
Circulatory Problems Immune System Imbalances Strains
Diabetes Incontinence Yeast infections
Digestive Imbalances Menstrual cramps and PMS And many, many more…

The Eight Signs of Serious Illness

  1. Sudden weight loss or gain, with no known cause
  2. Night sweats
  3. Frequent or persistent fever, low-grade fever, intermittent fever
  4. Change of appetite (increase or decrease) with no known cause
  5. Unknown lump or swelling
  6. Severe fatigue (persistent or intermittent) with no known cause
  7. Sores that do not heal
  8. Pain of unknown origin


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